DAA Certified Web AnlystAllaedin Ezzedin is the analytics manager at E-Nor Inc., an online marketing consultant, a blogger and the founder of CampaignAlyzer. He has a passion for bridging the gap between business objectives/goals and web analytics solutions.

Allaedin works with organizations to architect and develop strategies for successful digital marketing optimization and helps clients integrate web analytics into their decision making processes. Allaedin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University and is a Certified Web Analyst by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA).


“Allaedin has been a driving force behind the implementation of Google Analytics on SonyEntertainmentNetwork.com. He has a deep understanding of web analytics and has written educational articles on best practices and new features. He has the unique ability to explain complex systems to unfamiliar audiences. Furthermore, Allaedin is always available and willing to help. Allaedin has exceeded my expectations on project deliverables and I look forward to continuing to work with him.”
Amanda Thompson | Online Marketing Manager | Sony

“Allaedin is super bright, personable and consistently delivers amazing results. His knowledge of the Analytics space, especially Google Analytics, is awesome and enables him to delight his customers.”
Avinash Kaushik | Author, Blogger, Analytics Evangelist | Google

“Allaedin implemented Urchin for us. He is very reliable and punctual. He is very nice to work with. He is also flexible, since he was able to accommodate last min changes.”
Andre Barata | Project Manager | Agilent Tehcnologies

“Allaedin is super sharp. He really knows his Google Analytics, and I highly recommend him as an analytics consultant, due to his incredibly thorough knowledge of analytics.”
Donovan Rittenbach | Web Manager | California Academy of Sciences

“Whilst we have never physically met I find Allaedin to be extremely knowledgeable about Google Analytics. Better still, he is great at sharing his knowledge and ideas to benefit the analytics community. I am an avid follower of his work and reader of his fantastic blog posts.”
Nikki Rae, Web Conversion Specialist, Fresh Egg

“Allaedin has the right combination of technical expertise, marketing savvy, critical thinking, writing skills, networking skills, and business insight to make an excellent web analyst. It is an absolute pleasure to work with him.”
Rehan Asif | Senior Web Analyst | E-Nor

“Allaedin work ethics are unmatched and his knowledge and skills are great. He was able to meet our organization needs with great outcome.”
Munir Iqtish | Operations & Development Coordinator | IR USA